5 Pillars

Modern Painting

“Modernity” demonstrates the development of ink art from the 20th century, progressing towards abstraction, design and conceptual installation; while seeking to reinterpret traditional ink culture and spirituality within an historical context.


Abstraction Transformation

“Abstraction” recognises artists who create their own visual language, making exceptional discoveries in spirituality and the beauty of the natural world. “Abstraction” opens an in-depth dialogue between the Oriental philosophic concept of “dao” and Western ideology.



“Emerging” promotes new concepts by galleries and their emerging artists. Ink Asia 2015 will serve as a broader platform to introduce young and emerging artists who may bring a breakthrough or a refreshing new outlook on ink work to the art market of the 21st century.



Thanks to the innovation of various media in the 21st century, ink can be translated into many forms and integrated into modern design and craftsmanship. “Salon” will introduce a new dimension on how to embrace and appreciate ink art in our daily life, resonating with the spirit of Chinese literati.



From academies to galleries, institutions to private collectors, “Co-curation” unites different participants in the art industry to co-curate dynamic programmes to promote ink art. These will include “ink talks”, “ink research” and “ink prizes”, which will enable ink lovers and collectors to gain a better understanding of various subjects and approaches in appreciating and collecting ink works.