The 3rd Edition of Ink Asia:

The Most Specialised Platform for the Contemporary Ink Market

Wong Hau Kwei (b. 1946)
Niagara Falls
Ink on paper
Ink Creativity Association, Hong Kong

Yang Jiechang (b. 1965)
Ink on paper
Ink Studio, Beijing

A1_Alisan Fine Arts_Zhang Yu_Imbued with Tea_Pu'er tea, rice paper and ceramics_2016

Zhang Yu (b. 1959)
Imbued with Tea
Pu’er tea, rice paper and ceramics
Alisan Fine Arts, Hong Kong
(Ink Asia 2016)


Held every December, Ink Asia is Hong Kong’s most anticipated ink art event of the year. It is the world’s first art fair dedicated to contemporary ink, and will return to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 15th to 17th December 2017, with a private preview and vernissage on 14th December 2017.


The Spirit of Ink

Since its establishment in 2015, Ink Asia has adhered to its mission of creating a professional platform to discuss the current and future development of ink art, while vigorously promoting and building the spirit of ink. The third edition of Ink Asia is again committed to showing the public that the spirit of ink is by no means limited to the use of ink and traditional rice paper. The fair offers a variety of perspectives for appreciating ink art, allowing collectors, critics, scholars, the media and art lovers to appreciate the boundless possibilities of contemporary ink art with an open mind.


Highlights of the 3rd edition of Ink Asia

Ink Asia 2017 continues to host international galleries and academic institutions from 50 different countries and cities, maintaining a high-quality contemporary art fair. While displaying cutting edge ink art, Ink Asia 2017 will also further strengthen the depth and breadth of academic discussion and interaction between galleries and collectors. In this year’s fair, Ink Asia will work side by side with contemporary art visionaries to present a series of topics among a wide range of exhibitions:

Exploring the language of abstract artInk Studio (Beijing) will showcase works by well-known artists such as Li Jin, Zheng Chongbin, Yang Chichang and Tai Xiangzhou, which show how the artistic language of ink runs through the Chinese cultural life, and how artists can use the medium of ink to reflect individual perspectives on social issues to the public.

Meanwhile, famous ink art curator Mr Jia Fang Zhou, together with Autumn Water Space (Shanghai) and Chen Yin Fo Ji Art Centre (Shanghai), is planning a special exhibition. This will be an exciting new show featuring a series of works by ink artists revolving around their exploration of the themes “Starting Tradition”, “Intervene in Contemporary”, “Transformation of Medium” and “The Final Destination of the Ego”. A total of 13 artists will participate, including Li Huasheng, Liang Quan, Wang Jieyin, Zhang Yu and Sang Huoyao.

Exploring new media and art formsLoftyart Gallery (Taiwan) will host a solo exhibition for Chinese artist Xue Song. The artist will create a site-specific series of ink art collage works specially for Ink Asia 2017, using new media such as burnt ash; in addition, the solo exhibition will showcase Xue Song’s “Feng Zikai poetic landscapes” series and his calligraphic works, to open a dialogue and explore the possibilities of ink art.


Monumental Contemporary Ink Art Installations

In the past two years, Ink Asia has collaborated with galleries, providing venue spaces for selected galleries to showcase large-scale ink and installation projects that have attracted large numbers of media reporters and visitors. Ink Asia 2017 will continue to present specially curated large contemporary ink art projects. Ink Creativity Association (Hong Kong) will bring Wong Hau Kwei’s “Cascading Galaxy”; Yesart Gallery (Taipei) will display a selection of large-scale ink paintings by Hsu Yung Chin; Grotto Fine Art (Hong Kong) will again showcase large-scale ink works by Hong Kong contemporary artists.


Lectures and Seminars on Ink Art

The Ink Society (Hong Kong) will return this year to present an Academic Programme at Ink Asia 2017.  Famous ink artists, scholars, gallery directors, museum curators and fair directors will be invited to give a series of exciting academic lectures and seminars moderated by ink art experts. This year Ink Asia is fortunate to have invited the curator and department head of Chinese and Korean art of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Dr. Stephen Little to create an international platform of academic dialogue. Thus, Ink Asia 2017 collaborates with worldwide scholars and art institutions to present diverse categories of ink discourse.


Exhibition and Publication Collaboration

Kuart Center (Beijing) will once again cooperate with Ink Asia 2017 to launch a themed exhibition and a catalogue entitled “Water + Ink: The Asian Vision of the Transformation of Modern and Contemporary Ink Art”. This catalogue will be published at the end of 2017, and is a fusion of Ink Asia’s international vision and cultural diversity, with Kuart Center’s many years of development and experience in the field of ink painting. Renowned critics, gallerists, curators and artists from China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan have been invited to contribute and explore the cultural journey of ink art. Charting and discussing the evolution of ink from the point of view of different countries, leads to new topics for discussion, opening wider perspectives on ink culture and its interpretation.

Calvin Hui, Director of Ink Asia, said, “Galleries, artists and collectors are happy to gather at Ink Asia, because it provides an engaging professional platform for those with a common idea and aspiration to promote ink art, and explore the future possibilities of ink.”




About the Organiser

Art & Antique International Fair Ltd (AAIF) is a recognised art fair organiser based in Hong Kong. The company was established in 2005 to stage Fine Art Asia (, now recognised as Asia’s leading international fine art fair. In 2015 AAIF added INK ASIA to its portfolio.

AAIF has unrivalled local knowledge and connections, professional expertise in logistic services and mounting an effective marketing campaign, as well as experience in presenting a professional art fair of outstanding quality and elegance.



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General Enquiries

Art & Antique International Fair Ltd.
Tel: +852 3107 0681
Contact Person: Ms Esther Wong


Media Enquiries

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Contact Person: Ms Vicky Li




“I think Ink Asia is more professional than other art fairs, visitors have a fundamental understanding towards ink art in general. We are very satisfied with the professional idea and atmosphere of the fair. This year is my second time participating in the fair, we can see that the organiser has done serious preparation which made the fair better than last year. I am willing to participate again next year.”

Ms Meg Maggio, Director of Pékin Fine Arts (Beijing/Hong Kong)


“The fair is very focused and sophisticated. Everything is very good, including the set-up of the venue, the management, the organising team, our neighbouring galleries and the frequency of visitors.”

Ms Amy Li, Director of Amy Li Gallery (Beijing)


“I can tell that the organisers have put a lot of effort into establishing Ink Asia, the first fair in the world specialising in Chinese ink. I have confidence that they have a long-term framework and strategic development plan for the fair.”

Ms Chen Hsiao-Chun, General Manager of Xizhitang Gallery (Taipei)


“Hong Kong needs to have its own cultural brand, and Ink Asia is a major breakthrough. After Ink Asia was inaugurated in the Hong Kong cultural scene, it influenced the ink market of mainland China and Taiwan. This starting point and confidence are very important, because Ink Asia is able to draw new attention to ink art in Hong Kong, advancing the development of the ink world from the perspective of contemporary ink.”

Dr Wang Huangsheng, Director of the Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum (Beijing)