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21 December 2017, Hong Kong

Ink Asia 2017

Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan Work Together for the Future Development of Ink Painting

The third edition of Ink Asia opened its doors on 14 December with a strong VIP Preview and Vernissage. The four-day fair was met with great enthusiasm by the public, and attracted up to 9,000 collectors, connoisseurs, artists and art lovers from all over the world. With its rich experience and knowledge of local and international markets, Ink Asia 2017 presented a wide range of high quality ink and ink-inspired works by participating galleries, artists and exhibitions, while an Academic Programme of lectures and seminars laid the foundation for discussion on contemporary ink art.

Yesart Gallery_Hsu Yung Chin_artist 薛松 山樹春色 2013 120X210.5cm 綜合媒材布面 Vernissage
A monumental ink painting installation work by
Hsu Yung Chin, presented by Yesart Gallery (Taipei) attracted many viewers and media.
Xue Song’s Mountain Tree Spring, a mixed media work
on canvas displayed by Loftyart Gallery (Taipei) was purchased by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.
Ink Asia 2017 attracted almost 9,000 visitors during the four-day exhibition.

This year, Ink Asia was honoured to welcome The Hon Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, Chief Secretary for Administration of the Hong Kong SAR Government, as Guest of Honour at the opening ceremony on 14 December. Mr Cheung said, “I am delighted to see that the home-grown Ink Asia is the only art fair in the world to feature the theme of contemporary ink painting. Under this umbrella, local art groups and a wide range of artistic activities can be nurtured, promoting the overall artistic atmosphere of Hong Kong and enhancing the international reputation of Asian artists, while expanding and educating local audiences… Ink art is Asia’s quintessence and profound cultural heritage. Ink Asia is a platform that can further promote the mutual understanding of Asian ink paintings to an international level.”

CS tour_The Ink Society

From left to right: Mr Andy Hei, Director of Art & Antique International Fair Ltd., The Organiser; Ms Daphne King, Director of The Ink Society; Mr Calvin Hui,Director of Ink Asia; Mr Liu Kuo-sung, renowned artist; Mr Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, Chief Secretary for Administration, HKSAR; Mr David Pong, Vice-Chairman of The Ink Society; Ms Susanna Lo, CEO of Art & Antique International Fair Ltd., The Organiser; Ms Olivia Wang, Representative of The Ink Society


Strong Sales Delight Exhibitors

Returning exhibitors to Ink Asia had particularly pleasing sales. The solo exhibition of Chinese artist Xue Song presented by Loftyart Gallery (Taipei), was well received by collectors. Four works were sold during the VIP preview, including “Mountain Tree Spring” which was collected by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. No. 55 Art Space (Beijing) sold a number of pieces, including two paintings by Shen Qin and Xu Jing. Da Xiang Art Space (Taichung, Taiwan) continued its good performance from previous years: as soon as the fair opened, a painting by Chen Nien-tzu and two works by Hou Shanhu were snapped up.  Ink Studio (Beijing) reported excellent sales, among them a work by Zheng Chongbin also purchased by the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and “White Chickens” by Chen Haiyan, bought by an important private collection. Chelesa Art Co., Ltd (Hong Kong/Shanghai) exhibited works by Shanghai artists; three paintings by Hong Jian were acquired by a young mainland Chinese collector. Grotto Fine Art (Hong Kong) focusing on Hong Kong artists, sold two works by Chan Kwan-lok, two paintings by Koon Wai-bong, and a handscroll by Zaffer Chan Sui-ying. 3812 Gallery (Hong Kong) reported successful sales of works by Qu Leilei and Jin Feng, with works by other artists under discussion. Lucie Chang Fine Arts (Hong Kong) successfully sold her catalogue piece “Pumpkin Message” by Hong Kong artist Eddie Lui. During the VIP preview, The Hong Kong Cancer Fund held a silent charity auction, which had an unprecedented response with 90% of the exhibits sold; the money raised will be a significant contribution to the charity foundation.

Galleries making their first appearance at the fair also achieved pleasing results. Yesart Gallery (Taipei) presented a solo exhibition of Hsu Yung Chin; among reported sales was the magnificent 5-panel catalogue piece “From the Tao Te Ching”, purchased by MGM Group, Macao, and another major piece to an anonymous collector. The sales performance of Aura Gallery (Beijing/Taiwan) was impressive, with multiple works by exhibited artists Kuan Yun, Li Tao and Liao Mingming sold. Gallery Sun (Taiwan) sold three works by Huang I-ming; while Chini Gallery (Taipei) held a solo exhibition for Teng Pu-Chun, selling the catalogue piece “Clarity Rock” on the opening day. Autumn Water Space (Shanghai) successfully sold several important works, and were pleased to find new clients at the fair.


Ink Asia 2017 Academic Programme

Lesley Ma, Liu Kuosung and Pi Daojian_talk

The Ink Society, a Hong Kong organisation which has made a significant contribution to promoting ink art, has been the academic partner of Ink Asia for three consecutive years. This year, The Ink Society invited renowned scholars, critics, art experts, gallery directors and artists from all over the world to give lectures and hold in-depth panel discussions.  The academic lectures focused on important topics such as the development of contemporary ink art, private collecting practices, art authentication and market trends. In addition, the fair organiser also presented two distinguished panel discussions and lectures with an impressive line-up of speakers. All the events in the Academic Programme attracted a high attendance, reflecting the enthusiasm of the audience for ink art.


Special Exhibition: Ink+


To inspire innovation and broaden artistic vision in ink art, 14 artists from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan were invited to exhibit unconventional ink-inspired works in a special project ‘Ink+’ organised by Ink Asia 2017. These artists expressed the spirit of ink using non-traditional media to create stimulating yet literary works of contemporary art, including video, new media, installations, ceramics and sculpture. This year’s exhibition theme “The Worlds” focused on the relationship between people and the world, the city and nature, as well as technology and society, demonstrating the contemporary spirit of ink art through the imagination and creativity of artists. Curated by Eric Leung, the participating artists were: Chu Tat Shing, Fung Ming Chip, Ding Shiwei, Gan Haoyu, Chloe Ho, Hong Ko, Leung Kui Ting, Li Shengling, Vincent Mak, Cindy Ng, Qiu Anxiong, Tang Bohua, Wu Chi Tsung and Xu Chenyu.


“Water + Ink: The Asian Vision of the Transformation of Modern and Contemporary Ink Art”

Kuart Center (Beijing) again cooperated with Ink Asia 2017 to launch a themed exhibition and a catalogue entitled “Water + Ink: The Asian Vision of the Transformation of Modern and Contemporary Ink Art”. This catalogue will be published at the end of 2017, and is a fusion of Ink Asia’s international vision and cultural diversity, with Kuart Center’s many years of development and experience in the field of ink painting. Renowned critics, gallerists, curators and artists from China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan have been invited to contribute and explore the cultural journey of ink art. Charting and discussing the evolution of ink from the point of view of different countries, leads to new topics for discussion, opening wider perspectives on ink culture and its interpretation.


Positive Response from All Sides

Aiming to constantly improve the fair, as well as recruit renowned galleries, the Organiser also curated a series of special exhibitions, presenting a diverse range of ink art to visitors. As a result, compliments on the fair were received from both gallery owners and artists.

Ms Elaine Suyu Liu, Director of Loftyart Gallery (Taipei), said “Our exhibition ‘Pine, Smoke, Ink – The Art of Xue Song’ was very well-received by collectors, from the private preview up to the very last day. Loftyart has participated in Ink Asia for three consecutive years since its launch, and has witnessed the fair progress and develop. As the first art fair to specialise in ink art, Ink Asia offers valuable academic lectures and a great selection of artworks every year, and is undoubtedly the leader in the development of modern and contemporary ink painting.”

Mr Emerson Kun-sheng Wang, Curator of Yesart Gallery (Taipei) and Chini Gallery (Taipei), said, “Ink Asia Hong Kong is a special art fair because it focuses on the tremendous creativity of ink. Ink Asia plays a very important role because it directly elevates ink, a Chinese traditional art, to a significant role in modern society, presenting new concepts of ink in contemporary Chinese art.”


Vision of the Director

Mr Calvin Hui, Director of Ink Asia, said, “This year is the third edition of Ink Asia. I am happy to gather emerging and established artists, galleries, collectors and scholars at the fair and exchange ideas. I have specially proposed a theme for this year: Ink and non-ink. Many people think that ink is all about ‘paper, brush and ink’ or ‘black and white’; however, ink art has become much more diversified in the 21st century. Artists use an open vision, new media and methods to create works with the spirit and concept of ink, and these artworks may not have a direct relationship with traditional ink art. I hope everyone can appreciate ink art as a visual language with a long history, and discuss the future development of ink in the 21st century through the platform of Ink Asia.”

– End –