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INK ASIA 2023: Continuing the Celebration of Ink Art around the City


Hong Kong, 19 October 2023 – With support from the “Mega Arts and Cultural Event Fund”, INK ASIA 2023 was successfully held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 5 to 8 October. The opening ceremony, held on 4 October, was a resounding success with the presence of a number of Government officials and celebrities. We were delighted to have Mr Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism, GBS, JP, as the Guest of Honour to open the fair, along with a series of ink art exhibitions, outdoor installations, programmes, and educational activities spanning two months.

Opening CeremonyFrom left: Mr Paul Yeung Kwok-leung, Ms Ann Au Chor-kwan, JP & Ms Yolanda Ng Yuen-ting, MH, Mega Arts and Cultural Events Committee Members; Ms Susanna Lo, Chief Executive Officer of INK ASIA; Mrs Helen Chan, SBS, Vice Chairman of Mega Arts and Cultural Events Committee; Mrs Vicki Kwok Wong Wing Ki, JP, Deputy Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau; Mr Kevin Yeung Yun-hung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau; Mr Andy Hei, Founder and Director of INK ASIA; Mr Wong Chi Cho Joe, JP, Permanent Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau; Mr Vincent Liu Ming Kwong, JP, Director of Leisure and Cultural Services Department; Mr Warren Cheng, Executive Committee, Arts Consultant (Digital Art) of INK ASIA

INK ASIA 2023 was staged during the peak art season in Hong Kong. The fair aims to explore the unlimited possibilities of the field of ink art, providing galleries and artists from Hong Kong and other countries with an interactive platform for art appreciation. It expands the vision and boundaries of contemporary ink art while promoting Chinese traditional art and culture through an innovative perspective. Over the course of the 5-day fair, INK ASIA attracted nearly 30,000 visitors from different parts of the world.

Sales at Ink Asia 2023

Hung Hoi (b. 1957)
Autumn Hues
Ink and colour on paper
H. 96.5 x W. 178 cm
Sold at Ink Asia 2023 by
Grotto Fine Art, Hong Kong
Li Huayi (b. 1948)
Free Mind in Peace II
Ink on six-fold antique Japanese gilded screen
H. 175.5 x W. 369.7 cm
Sold at Ink Asia 2023 by
Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery,
Hong Kong
Teng Pu-Chun (b. 1957)
Sky-moving Mirage
Ink and colour on paper
H. 63.5 x W. 94 cm
Sold at Ink Asia 2023 by
CHINI Gallery, Taipei


Grotto Fine Art focuses on promoting Hong Kong’s established and emerging artists. The gallery has successfully sold several pieces by well-known ink artist Hung Hoi, while works by young artists such as Xie Chengxuan, Chan Kwan Lok, and Shum Kwan Yi have received very positive feedback. Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery, a long-standing gallery in Hong Kong, was delighted with the sales results. Notably, the gallery achieved a significant sale with the large-scale antique Japanese gilded screen ‘Free Mind in Peace II’ by ink master Li Huayi.

First-time exhibitor, Tung Gallery, presented splendid ink works that converge Eastern and Western cultural heritages and successfully sold important works by artists Chan Kai and Kwok Ti Hong. Additionally, Artasus Fine Art reported satisfying sales by presenting the solo exhibition of Shanghai contemporary artist Jiang Bingqing; while Chelesa Art Co. Ltd. also had robust sales of works by Hong Kong artist Stewart Wong.


Shenzhen gallery Bamboo Space presented an exhibition commemorating the 125th birth anniversary of esteemed Chinese painter Feng Zikai, which showcased artworks and letters from three generations of the Feng family. The exhibition achieved resounding success and was highly popular among visitors. Additionally, Beijing gallery TAIHE ART Gallery recorded pleasing sales results. Two prominent Taipei galleries were also satisfied with their sales. CHINI Gallery showcased works by renowned artists Teng Pu-Chun and Lee Kuang-Yu, with Teng’s ink works of surrealistic fantasy selling well. Xi Zhi Tang Gallery also sold several works by artist Wu Chi Tao.


Academic Programme


Academic Programme

INK ASIA 2023 was delighted to have The Ink Society as the fair’s Education Partner again, hosting a series of lectures by experts from different fields. The lecture hall was packed with audiences, more than 20,000 live-stream viewers on social media platforms were recorded at its peak. Additionally, the special exhibition ‘A Tribute to Chu Hing Wah’ presented by The Ink Society marked the seventh instalment of their ‘Tribute’ series, attracting a large number of local visitors in particular. Now in his 80s, Chu Hing Wah is one of Hong Kong’s most original artists, recognised for his evocative ink paintings of human figures and depictions of life in the city.


Special Exhibitions

INK ASIA 2023 aims to advance, innovate, and foster creativity in traditional and modern ink art through the use of innovative technology and new media. The fair featured a range of special exhibitions that provided viewers with a brand-new visual experience. The ‘Immersive Ink Art Experience Corner’ allowed audiences to learn about the fundamentals of calligraphy using motion capture technology, while the use of LED technology led viewers to ink art paintings spanning over a millennium. The ‘Metaverse Project via The Sandbox’ took traditional ink art into the metaverse, introducing it in an interesting and engaging way. ‘Ink+: Light Play’ showcased the works of nine artists from mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau, presenting refreshing contemporary ink art and offering audiences a unique and alternative ink art experience similar to the ‘Ink Asia 2023 Screen Sculpture Unknown Mountains and Rivers’. Artist Hong Ko presented ‘Ink Smile’, which featured blinking smiling eyes from his ongoing art series ‘Blinkeyes’. Additionally, the ink art workshop ‘CopyINK Cat by project CAT COPY CAT’ combined contemporary technology with urban motifs, building upon the expressive marks and essence of ink art. It questioned the spirit of creativity and life, providing a meaningful perspective from an animal’s point of view.


0J1A3926_low resInk Asia 2023 Immersive Ink Art
Experience Corner
Ink Asia 2023 metaverse project via
The Sandbox
RAD07936_low resInk+: Light Play RAD07182_low resInk Asia 2023 Screen Sculpture
Unknown Mountains and Rivers
EOR52862_low resInk Smile T7C03423CopyINK Cat by project CAT COPY CAT


Continuing the Celebration of Ink Art around the City

INK ASIA 2023 encompasses a series of ink art novel initiatives, providing a unique and unforgettable experience spanning from October to December 2023. The event details are as follows:

Exhibition Title and Venue Participating Artist(s) Exhibition Period
Monumental Ink Art Installation I
“Message of water”
Atrium on 1F, Hysan Place, HK
Hong Ko From present to
23 Oct 2023
Ink Asia 2023 Special Screening
Tai Kwun JC Cube
Liu Yi, Qiu Anxiong, Sun Xun 21 Oct 2023, 3pm
INK Art in retrospect Exhibition Series in tribute to New Ink Art Movement I
“Garden Fantasy – Contemporary Landscape Installation”
Courtyard and outdoor space of Asia Society Hong Kong Centre
Curated by Leo Wong
Artists: Margaret Chu Cheuk-wai, Chan Sim, Kevin Fung Lik-yan, Angel Hui Hoi-kiu, Dave Ho Lok-chung, Ho Yuen-leung, Lam Yau-sum, Cathleen Lau Ching-yee, Danny Lee Chin-fai, Lee Suet-ying, Luk Tsing-yuen, Man Fung-yi, Mok Yat-san, Matthew Tsang Man-Fu, Violet Shum Ka-Wai
11 – 24 Nov 2023
Monumental Ink Art Installation II
“Enlargement !”
Public Space of Star Ferry Pier, Central
Curated by Zoie Yung
Artists: Cai Jian, Wai Pongyu, Li Hanwei
20 Nov – 10 Dec 2023
INK Art in retrospect Exhibition Series in tribute to New Ink Art Movement II
“Keep Up the Good Fun”
5/F, Pao Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre
Curated by Chan Sai-lok
Artists: Lazarus Chan Long-fung, Fung Yee-lick, William Ho Wai-lam, Lau Ching-wa, Jess Leung Lai-Man, Rainbow Leung, Ling Chung-wan, Kevin, and Wong Shun-yu
29 Nov – 12 Dec 2023


Warren Cheng, Executive Committee and Arts Consultant (Digital Art) of INK ASIA, said,

‘The initial intention behind the development of digital programs was to provide new avenues, methods, and entry points for the new generation of art lovers to discover the depth and vibrancy of ink art. After the event, we deeply felt the enthusiasm of the new generation of art lovers and collectors for ink art.

The audiences who attended the event were not only attracted by the innovative forms of ink art but also inspired to ask many new questions, providing valuable feedback to the artists and motivating them to expand the boundaries of ink art.

One surprising aspect of this fair was that not only did the audience have a great experience, but the creators of the digital content also gained a lot. Most of the developers of the digital projects were young technical personnel who had limited knowledge of traditional Chinese ink art. Through the projects they worked on, they also became enthusiasts of ink art.

INK ASIA 2023 was a resounding success, with the digital projects exceeding our expectations. I look forward to future opportunities to make further efforts and present ink art in an even more intriguing fashion.’


Summing up, Andy Hei, Founder and Director of INK ASIA, said,

‘We are greatly encouraged to be able to resume INK ASIA after three years. With the support of the ‘Mega Arts and Cultural Event Fund,’ the various exhibitions of INK ASIA can be promoted to every corner of Hong Kong, allowing the public to learn about new ink art in multiple ways. This fulfills the fair’s mission of promoting Chinese ink culture to the fullest. In the future, we will conceive more diverse ways of presentation by further integrating art and technology, ensuring the continued growth and success of INK ASIA.’


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