Special Exhibitions


A Tribute to Chu Hing Wah
– Presented by The Ink Society, Hong Kong

Where I Work_JPG Where I Work
Ink and colour on paper
179 x 97 cm
Collection of Dr. Joseph Y. S. Pang
The Old Lady's Great Love_JPG The Old Lady’s Great Love
Ink and colour on paper
94.5 x 180 cm
William Lim c/o Living Limited

The Ink Society will present the special exhibition, “A Tribute to Chu Hing Wah” at Ink Asia 2023. It marks the seventh instalment of the Ink Society’s “Tribute” series, which celebrates the art and legacies of master ink painters. Now in his 80s, Chu Hing Wah is one of Hong Kong’s most original artists, recognised for his evocative ink paintings of human figures and depictions of life in the city.

The exhibition presents a selection of works painted between 1988 and 2018 that highlight Chu’s artistic achievements and the evolution of his painting style. They encompass an array of themes, from floral arrangements and landscapes to portraits, scenes reminiscing his travels abroad, and vivid portrayals of life in Hong Kong. Through his creativity and sensitive observations, Chu’s paintings reveal his tenderness and deep respect for humanity.


– “Light Play”, Curated by Eric Leung. Presented by Ink Asia

Exhibited artists : Cao Yuxi/ Fung Kuen Suet, Michelle/ Hung Keung/ Ng Sio Ieng, Cindy/ Sun Xun/ Tang Kai Yiu, Frank/ Tsang Man Fu, Matthew/ Tse Chun Sing/ Yuen Ka Yee, Angela

孫遜Sun Xun 馮捲雪Fung Kuen Suet, Michelle
Sun Xun
Time Spy
Fung Kuen Suet, Michelle
Hand-painted animation

Intending to foster the creation and appreciation of ink art, Ink Asia 2023 is once again introducing the programme “INK+”. It will invite artists to demonstrate their innovative ink artworks. These pieces adopted alternative media such as video, installation, immersive projection, and artificial intelligence, to create contemporary artworks dedicated to traditions. Their initiatives are shown in incorporating alternative media such as video, installation, immersive projection and artificial intelligence into the ink art pieces. The INK+ programme encourages ink artists to explore new ideas and concepts in their work while simultaneously respecting traditions, resulting in experimental art pieces that investigate the evolving nature of this genre.

Ink art is constantly evolving over time. The New Ink Movement introduced numerous Western art techniques and ideas in the 1960s and 1970s, sparking a revolution that sought to abandon traditional brushstroke techniques. Contemporary art emphasises conceptual creativity, leading to the adoption of a wide variety of technology and lifestyle materials, enabling art forms to extend infinitely. The development of contemporary ink art currently faces both new challenges and opportunities. Some artists continue to reform and enrich ink art, while others strive to infuse the elements and spirit of ink art into other forms of media. ‘Ink+’ aims to explore the boundaries of ink art by presenting various cutting-edge experiments inspired by ink.