Special Exhibitions

A Tribute to Lui Shou-kwan (1919-1975)

The Ink Society of Hong Kong presents ‘A Tribute Lui Shou-kwan’, recognised as Hong Kong’s pioneer in contemporary ink art. Retaining a deep respect for traditional ink art, Lui drew inspiration from American abstract art as well as from Daoism and Buddhism, ultimately leading to the creation of his unique Zen paintings with their bold, free brushstrokes. These works on loan from Hong Kong collectors show the diversity of Lui’s style, including early landscapes of Hong Kong and his famous Zen paintings, along with collectors’ personal statements about their importance.



To inspire innovation and broaden artistic vision in ink art, more than 10 artists from Hong Kong and China were invited to exhibit their alternative ‘Ink’ works in the special project ‘Ink+’, curated by Eric Leung and presented Ink Asia 2018. They ingeniously interpreted ink elements and ideas into inventive contemporary works that still contain the essence of traditional ink by using refreshing and non-traditional media. These works include videos, new media, installations and sculptures.


Public Art

Ink Asia 2018 will feature monumental works by leading Chinese artists. INK studio (Beijing) presents Apocalyse by Bingyi (b. 1975), a 2,000 cm long silk handscroll which recollects her experience of the aftermath of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake. Radically reworking the millennium-old language of ink landscapes that sublimated lived trauma into idealized nature, she confronts nature at its most catastrophically indifferent to humans.